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Save Us Now Inc.

Restoring People’s Hope and Dignity


New Book 

Surviving The Storm: The Poor Will Bear Fruit in America

Kelvin T. Lassiter - Author

$24.95 plus shipping

Surviving the Storm: The Poor Will Bear Fruit in America 

is the latest of several books written by Kelvin T. Lassiter, Save Us Now Inc  Community Programs and Outreach Coordinator. This book chronicles the lives of several individuals interviewed who have lived in and survived America's housing system, and prison system and been able to rise above those dire circumstances. Kelvin Lassiter  researches and intricately explores this housing system designed for the poor, and how access to finances play a huge role in their success or failure. These true, personal stories of struggle will allow you to understand how and why poverty exists, and what it will take to eradicate it. This book will be a necessary read for those wanting to take a deeper dive into how and why we should be investing into the lives of the poor, and how poor people can better benefit in the United States of America. 

Book by Kelvin Lassiter

Our Community Programs

Save Us Now Inc. is committed to helping improve the quality of life of underprivileged individuals and families in the Washington, DC metropolitan area through our various programs and projects. Get in touch with us for more information or if you wish to be part of our activities.

    “Essentials for My People” program is critical in helping the most vulnerable  population without shelter especially during this pandemic because they are ones who don’t get regular access to PPE and cleaning supplies. The homeless shelters in Washington DC are a breeding ground for the COVID-19 virus given the constant lack of protective gear and sanitary procedures regularly followed that's necessary for  people in shelters. Our goal is to get these supplies to the hundreds of people living in encampments around the city, under bridges, and on the streets so they can be protected. 

    Being without shelter is one of the more persistent, troubling social issues of our time. People who are without shelter are with out the shelter not because of personal failures, but often because of system failures.

    Twice a month we will make our rounds to check on the encampments and areas where many are living so we can refresh their supplies. Persons living without shelter are not going away, they will continually be there as the cost of living grows in Washington DC as more people are not able to afford the high costs of living in Washington DC. 

    If you would like to make a donation toward the purchase of supplies for this program please click below. 

“Comforts of Home Free Market” — Successful!

Save Us Now Inc. Comforts of Home Free Market program sole purpose is to provide basic household items to families and individuals who have been displaced and have found permanent housing and determined to rebuild their lives in a home of their own. We fill a void that many other social services agencies cannot provide. We believe that if a reasonable level of comfort, dignity and self esteem are provided, adults will have a better chance of maintaining steady employment and remaining self-sufficient. A furnished, livable home environment that allows them to eat in comfort, rest well and interact together as a family will dramatically reduce the potential of their falling back into homelessness. In a positive environment, such as this, all family will benefit and even thrive. 

Save Us Now Inc. collects basic household items from private households and businesses and stores them for future distribution. Working with other social agencies in the Washington, D.C. metro area that refer their clients to us, Save Us Now Inc. provides these basic household items to homeless and displaced families and others in need, resulting in improved self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and long-term stability.  Save Us Now Inc. serves individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness and hopelessness, women and children escaping domestic violence, families below the poverty line, victims of disasters, and others that require emergency assistance. A furnished, livable home environment  allows a family to eat in comfort, rest well, and interact together as a healthy family can dramatically reduce the potential to fall back into homelessness. In a positive environment, such as this, all family will benefit and thrive. 

We believe that this provides them a reasonable level of comfort, dignity, and self-esteem. It can also give them a better chance of maintaining steady employment and remaining self-sufficient.

A furnished, livable home environment that allows them to eat in comfort, rest well, and interact together as a healthy family can dramatically reduce the potential to fall back into homelessness. In a positive environment, such as this, all family will benefit and thrive.

“A human being has the right to be clean, confident and have dignity”

“Wrapped in Dignity” is a program that gives out basic hygiene products to the unsheltered to help them to stay clean and healthy daily. We prepare a bag filled with the basic necessities and pass them out monthly, these bags are filled with travel size personal hygiene care products (feminine protection products (sanitary pads, tampons), deodorant, soap, shower gel, shampoo, lotions, toothbrushes, tooth paste, mouth wash, combs, brushes, hand sanitizer, cleansing wipes, and bottled water) and we give them out at certain locations in Washington, D.C. where the unsheltered are usually located.

A Feast for My People Project

Save Us Now Inc.’s A Feast for My People Project emerged from a need to feed and clothe indigent and unsheltered persons and their families in Washington DC during the Christmas holidays since  December 24, 2012.  Save Us Now Inc. However, the year 2020 has changed the season, landscape, and how we function as a society completely. The need for feeding individuals and families experiencing homelessness has become critical during this COVID-19 pandemic and “A Feast for My People Project” is acting now by getting essential groceries to those vulnerable populations in need. 

“A Feast for My People” project was developed to provide resources to homeless individuals and families on the streets and in the shelters of Washington, D.C. but especially now during this COVID-19 pandemic season. This is an aggressive approach to take these necessary grocery supplies to where they are staying or either in shelters or encampments on the streets. These encampments are located throughout Wards 2 and 3, Wards 6 and 7.

Beginning in September we will be going out and disbursing grocery bags filled with the most essentials supplies for a few days to a week (toilet paper, paper towels, canned goods, dry goods, and non-perishable items). 

This feeding and clothing program began in 2012 with Christmas toy donations we received from local businesses and churches, and we distributed them at the DC General Family Shelter. Now approximately eight years later, "A Feast for My People Project" has expanded its donations category to go beyond just toys for Christmas, but winter coats, clothing, personal health care products, and a warm meal. 

Save Us Now Inc. works to improve the quality of life for unsheltered people in Washington DC by meeting their basic needs for food, clothing, and personal health care products.

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UnFinished Business: Staying True to Your Goals & Dreams

This program is designed to help men and women ages 18-40 understand how their individual and collective behaviors impact their lives and the community, how those behaviors have staunched their ability to achieve their goals and dreams. The direct impact of the Unfinished Business: Staying True to Your Dreams Program will be:

  • Provide Positive Interaction With Caring Adult Role Models
  • Encourage and Develop Life Skills, Respect for Self and Others, and Positive Social Interaction
  • Introduce and Engage Men in Positive, Potential Life-Long, Goal-Reaching Pursuits
  • Constantly Enforcing Positive and Encouraging Affirmations

Indirectly, the implementation of the program is expected to:

  • Support an Active Learning Environment in the School
  • Help Students Prepare an Action Plan for Their Lives
  • Show Students How to Get Back on Track to Where They Want to Go in Life
  • Teach Them How to Create and Develop Measurable Benchmarks to Mark Their Progress During The Workshop
  • They Will Learn How to Go After Attainable/Perceived to Be Unattainable Goals
  • Celebrate Their Achievements

If you are interested in having this course presented to your group, please email Kelvin Lassiter, our community programs and outreach manager at [email protected]