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Save Us Now Inc.

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Essentials for My People Program

Our “Essentials for My People” program is critical in helping the most vulnerable homeless population especially during this pandemic because they are ones who don’t get access to PPE and cleaning supplies. The homeless shelters are a breeding ground for the COVID-19 virus given the lack of protective gear and sanitary procedures needed for people in shelters. Our goal is to get these supplies to the hundreds of people living in encampments around the city, under bridges, on the streets so they can be protected.

Twice a month we will make our rounds to check on the encampments and areas where they are living to refresh their supplies. The homeless are not going away, they will continually be there as the cost of living grows in Washington DC as more people are not able to afford the costs of living.

Our goal is to get these supplies to the hundreds of people living in encampments around the city, under bridges, on the streets so they can be protected. “Essentials for My People” is an extension of our very successful “A Feast for My People Project” which served 370 homeless families in shelters in 2019, and was developed to distribute food, hygiene supplies, and clothing to them. 

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A Feast for My People Project 2021

2021 Holiday Giving Program

The holiday time can be financially and emotionally stressful for everyone, but especially true for unhoused individuals and families, unhoused older adults, and those with disabilities.  Save Us Now Inc will be assisting those unhoused individuals and families in need through our "A Feast for My People Program."  This program will brighten the 2021 Holiday Season for some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Through our 2021 Holiday Giving Program, donations like yours will help us to provide nonperishable groceries and essential items to these individuals and families who live in transitional housing and tent encampments throughout Washington DC. Your generosity will help to ensure that no one is left in need during the holidays.

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Support Our Cause

2019 Feast for My People Project

Save Us Now Inc. “A Feast for My People Project” was created out of a need to help homeless individuals and families on the streets and in the shelters of Washington, D.C. especially during the Christmas holiday season. Every December 24th since 2012, Save Us Now Inc. has been at the D.C. General Family Shelter, and shelters along the New York Ave corridor giving out Christmas Toys to the children and families residing in these shelters. 

Proudly going into our seventh year doing this project we feel proud doing this annual project by serving the people a holiday meal, giving out toiletry items, winter coats to those in need. Save Us Now Inc. staff and volunteers generally serve for 6 hours on Christmas Eve from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. This year we will serving on Saturday, December 21, 2019.