My UnFinished Business: Staying True to Your Goals & Dreams Program


The Unfinished Business: Staying True to Your Dreams Program, which is designed to help men from ages 18-40 understand how their behaviors individually and collectively have had an impact on their lives and today’s society, how those behaviors have staunched their ability to reach their goals and dreams. The direct impact of The Unfinished Business: Staying True to Your Dreams Program will be:

  • Provide positive interaction with caring adult role models
  • Encourage and develop life skills, respect for self and others, and positive social interaction
  • Introduce and engage men in positive, potential life-long goal reaching pursuits
  • Constantly enforcing positive and encouraging affirmations

Indirectly, the implementation of the program is expected to:

  • Support an active learning environment in the school
  • Helps students to prepare an action plan for their lives
  • Show students how to get back on track to where they want to go in life
  • Teach them how to create and develop measurable benchmarks to mark their progress during the workshop.
  • They will learn how to go after attainable/perceived to be unattainable goals
  • Celebrate their achievements


If you are interested in having this course presented to your group please contact:
Kelvin Lassiter, Community Programs and Outreach Coordinator,