Girl…We Need To Talk!™

Girl…We Need To Talk! Is a group for women to help each other find a comfort level in reaching out to others and expressing themselves without judgment.  To share daily challenges, like grief, depression, anxiety, parenting, being single, relationships or divorce just to name a few topics. Group members are encouraged to give support and feedback to each other and to work with the reactions and responses that other group members contributions bring up for them.  Group members and the group leader may serve as models for effective communication, and offer problem-solving strategies, and promote self-acceptance and self-support.
This group helps women:
  • Discover that you’re not alone in your struggles, thoughts, and feelings
  • Learn from others facing similar problems
  • Gain multiple perspectives on your concerns
  • Feel more connected to others as group cohesion develops
  • Become more aware of yourself through genuine feedback from others
  • Pick up new interpersonal skills that you can use in your daily life
  • Internalize the lessons you’ve learned by helping others in the group
  • Develop effective ways of building and maintaining relationships


For more information on how to join this group please call (800) 376-8340 or email