Our History

Save Us Now, Inc. was started in 2010 after discovering that was very little resources like personal hygiene items, clothing, household goods, and furniture for under-served communities (homeless and displaced) to get for free. After spending countless hours researching what they were receiving from the local government and community organizations and what resources could be made available to them Save Us Now, Inc. founder Gwendolyn Baker-Lassiter and several colleagues in the Mental Health & Community Service field came together and founded Save Us Now, Inc. They decided to create an organization that could provide these kinds of resources consistently and assistance populations in need.

Save Us Now Inc. slowly began to gained a reputation as a resource provider organization. And started to assist local and state social service organizations by centralizing the solicitation, collection, and distribution of basic household goods and resources to serve low-income, homeless and displaced families and individuals. This helped to prevent service duplication efforts, and reduce extra work on the ‘state/local social service organizations staff.

The safety net of services provided by Save Us Now, Inc. to under-served, disenfranchised, and marginalized communities provides an incredible level of comfort, dignity and self-esteem to these families.