Donate Household Goods & Winter Coats

Every November and December we begin to collect winter coats, hats, etc., for homeless families living in shelters here in Washington D.C. If you have gently-used clean winter coats for men, women and children please donate them to us. You can drop them off or we will pick them up from your location. Just contact us at:

Individuals and families that Save Us Now Inc. assist through our resource programs are living below the poverty line. We are always providing assistance to homeless families coming out of a homeless shelter and going into a transitional housing facility with only the items they brought from the shelter with them. They are finally moving into their own space — many for the first time — and usually have very little – by donating your small household appliances, housewares like dishes, drinking ware, cutlery, sheets, blankets, these things would be major to them. If you have items to give please send your name and contact information to