About Us

Save Us Now, Inc. was started in 2010 out of frustration that large numbers of individuals could not find adequate services for basic needs, such as personal hygiene items and clothing, and sustainable services such as employment programs, mental health support groups, programs for at-risk teens, and ex-offender programs.

Save Us Now, Inc. founder Gwendolyn Baker-Lassiter and several colleagues in the Mental Health & Community Service field founded Save Us Now, Inc. to provide programs to meet the escalating human services need.  Once established, Save Us Now, Inc. became a community-based resource for government agencies and other local organizations.  The collaboration reduced the gap between the human service need and the resources available from government agencies and social services organizations.

The safety net provided by Save Us Now, Inc. gave these individuals a reasonable level of comfort, dignity and self-esteem.  Attainment of essential human needs removes one of the barriers to gainful employment which produces self-sufficiency.