A Feast for my People” project was started December 2012, when Save Us Now Inc., along with a group of volunteers went to the D.C. General Family Shelter in Washington, D.C., and distributed Christmas Toys to the homeless and needy children, provided a delicious hot meal, and sang Christmas carols to inspire and encourage the people in that Family Shelter. Since that time, the feedback from that event has been positively over-whelming. We have been inspired to do it again this year. Our event this December 24, 2015 was wonderful. We were able to the help many families and individuals living at the D.C. General Family Shelter. We gave away over 100 coats and jackets, 200 pairs of new socks, enough toiletry items for 20 people, Christmas Toys to 50 families and we fed over 70 people. And they were so happy and appreciative of the items that they received.